The Scooter Cannonball Run is a coast to coast endurance event for scooters. It is a time/distance/regularity rally where points are awarded based on miles completed and the ability to maintain the standard pace. This year it will begin in Savannah, GA and end eight days later in San Diego, CA covering 2633 miles. There are over 50 entrants riding all types of scooters. From a 1946 Salibury to a modern 3 wheel Piaggo MP3. I have decided join the fun this year. We will leave Savannah on April 22 and head west. I will be riding to raise money for KIDS and LEMUR'S charities. Please help us by purchasing some miles for one of these charities. Don't worry, I will be covering close to 6,000 miles out to California and back to Florida, so there are plenty of miles to go around. ALL monies go directly to the charity.

Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning started by helping a fellow traveler.  Mr. Crossly was not filling well and had the front desk call him an ambulance.  I brought him some water and sat with him in front the hotel until the ambulance arrived. He had had 7 stints put in 5 weeks ago. 2 in the leg 2 in the kidney and 3 in the heart.  I offered to call some in his family, but he declined the offer and when the ambulance arrived they carried him away.  I will try and follow up today to see how he is.

The rest of the morning was spent with fellow cannonballor, Dave Winholt. Dave drove the support vehicle for his daughter, Kelly/GeorgiaGirl, myself and others.  He is also in the fund raising business and  offered to give us a hand with the school  It was a long enjoyable morning.

Big Red and I headed for Ashville after noon and since there were threatening skies we pretty much  just rode straight through to home of our good friend Rich and Vicki

Over 7,000 miles accident very riding........

I rode up the front yard of Rich and Vicki's which is pretty steep at the top and I was turning when Vicki waved and spoke from the deck.  Being southern gentleman, I was required to acknowledge her and as I stopped I realized "this ain't going to work". 90 degrees on the side of the mountain with a scooter does not work.  As I was going over, I cushioned Big Red as much as possible and I rolled down the mountain.  Fortunately, Red did not get hurt. This was no damage to Red or my ego as it was all pretty damn funny.

 As big red will be staying with Vicki and Rich for a few weeks they had reserved a parking place


Tuesday June 12

I woke up this morning with a new attitude.  I guess I needed a day off and a cheap bottle of wine to get over some of the stress from Dad passing and riding across Kansas.  Maybe Big Red knew I needed a day off and that is why he kept spitting out the spark plug wire.

Pete, the tow driver, picked me up at 8:30 and we went to Bluff Motorsports.  They said they "might" be able to change the tire late that afternoon.  I was not hanging around for a "might" so Pete and I changed the spark plug wire in 5 minutes, strapped the tire on the back, and I headed down the highway.  

 pete doing the lower end and carl supervising

pete the worker and dave the boss coming out to take all the credit

Pete is one of those guys you love to meet, especially when you are broke down.  He is very resourceful and truly a caring guy who just wants to help.  I can not thank him enough.

I headed south towards Kennett, hung a left, crossed the might Mississippi and rolled up the half mile driveway to Holly Tree Manor B&B about 3:30, where Jim and Barbara Smith welcomed me into their home.  My original interest on Holly Tree was Barbara's connection to Elvis and it's very rural location.

 the mighty mississippi

the half mile drive to holly tree manor

barbara and jim of holly tree manor

We found out that we had a mutual connection.  We had all worked for the same company in the past.  We spent hours, first over tea and scones and later over good beer, talking of Elvis and past job experiences.  They are a fantastically wonderful people with a great history, just like Holly Tree Manor.

Barbara's claim to fame is she dated Elvis Presley when she was 19.  I could tell you all about it, but it is better if she does it herself.

Check out their web sight for more info on the B&B

Wednesday June 13

Today was a perfect scooter day.  It started with a early morning walk around the grounds of Holly Tree Manor with nothing but the sound of a few birds.  Not a car, not a tractor, not even the wind.
It was peace.

At 7 we headed out for Trenton for breakfast.  Instead of cooking, Jim and Barbara wanted to take the crazy guy on the scooter into to town and show me off. Breakfast was at The Last Drop Coffee Shop and I can say it was excellent.  I always love these little oasis's in really small towns in America. It was a great social morning over coffee with the locals.

I headed south for Chattanooga.  The route I picked out was even better than expected.  Back roads with rolling hills, lots of turns (not twisty's) just enough to keep from getting bored.  Almost no traffic and beautiful deep blue skies and prefect temperatures.

trenton tn, a town with a sense of humor

Outside of Hampshire there were dozens of vehicles parked on the side of the road near a church. I thought it was a really big funeral but as I passed the church and saw a tractor and trailer in the parking lot.  I did a u-turn and went back to investigate.  At the small Hampshire Baptist church, I met Ronda Malugin. She told me this is the monthly food distribution to those in need. They service about a 150 families a month, a lot of them elderly.  As we talked I learned of other programs she and others perform.  She has the "Backpack Project".  This one I had not heard of before.  They pack food in backpacks every Friday for kids to take home over the weekend. Every Thursday they cook a hot meal for those in need.

This not a story about those in need.  This is a story about what people do to help them. Instead of just sending a check, these people give their time in many ways to supply the very basic need of the their neighbors, food.  Instead of sitting in front of the TV complaining about how bad things are, as reported by all networks or politicians, quit complaining, get up, go out and help your neighbor.

barbara, on the right, the cook on the left and helpers

Just outside Chattanooga there are several very large fireworks sales warehouses.  As I was passing a very, very, very loud firecracker, or maybe dynamite, went off.  It cleared the cholesterol out my heart.

We rolled into Chattanooga a 5 or if you back up a mile or two, 4.