The Scooter Cannonball Run is a coast to coast endurance event for scooters. It is a time/distance/regularity rally where points are awarded based on miles completed and the ability to maintain the standard pace. This year it will begin in Savannah, GA and end eight days later in San Diego, CA covering 2633 miles. There are over 50 entrants riding all types of scooters. From a 1946 Salibury to a modern 3 wheel Piaggo MP3. I have decided join the fun this year. We will leave Savannah on April 22 and head west. I will be riding to raise money for KIDS and LEMUR'S charities. Please help us by purchasing some miles for one of these charities. Don't worry, I will be covering close to 6,000 miles out to California and back to Florida, so there are plenty of miles to go around. ALL monies go directly to the charity.

Monday, May 21, 2012


only 3,000 + miles to go.

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Ok, back in Oakland.  I rolled Big Red out of his cave and he was glad to see the sun again. 

We are off to Rockridge Two Wheel to get Big Red serviced.  I had scheduled this at the end of the Cannonball and felt ok paying someone else to do work that I could easily do myself.  That is before I ran into the added expense of a new cellphone.  My @#$%@ Motorola Razor with super Gorrilla glass and kevlar case that are #$%%& indestructable shattered like the heart of 16 year old broken hearted lover when it fell from 2 feet on a wooden deck.  I have flung, kicked, dropped, dunked and stepped on lesser cellphones and none have ever shattered like a crystal wine glass.  The additional cost makes me feel guilty for spending money for an oil change and wheel change.

Rolled in to Rockridge Two Wheel about 9 and after Dillon got all the vital information, they rolled Big Red on the rack. Kent jumped right on it. He is an extremely knowledgeable Vespa mechanic.

While waiting I caught the BART and went down to Superior Court D24 to watch my friend Bundles be whatever it is she does in the court room.  Ever been to a real court?  There is nothing more boring.  After the attorney spent 30 minutes establishing that Dr. Bradshaw was an expert and was still going on, I feel asleep and left.  We had had dinner last night so I did not feel bad about not having lunch today with her today.

Bundles and Kioji
No this is not in the courthouse but out roaming last night. Bundles and I go way back to our youth in the U.S. Army. She was not in the Army, but she came to visit her brother in Germany and never went home.

Back at Rockridge they had finished Big Red and Kent took it for a test ride.  Everything was fine, so I handed over the credit card and then hit the road.

 Kent after the test ride

Mike, Pat, Kent, Dillon
Thanks for a quick and great job.

By noon we were on the road headed for Rancho Cordova for the end of the day.  We had to hit some freeways today but only for short distances to eliminate long slow traffic infested city roads. Eventually we joined CA-160 across the California Delta. The road mainly was on top of a levy making it a waterfront ride. I paid the $5 to cross the Senator Nejely bridge.  The collector said if I got blown off the bridge she would refund my money.  Winds were in the 25-30 mph range so there was some weaving down the road.

 California's idea of a covered bridge

Fresh cherries and strawberry's for dinner

Rolled into the Fairfield Inn in time to do laundry and make the free happy hour.